Atlas Cables – Equator 2.0 Speaker Cable

12,21  (92,00 kn) 122,10  (920,00 kn)

12,21  (92,00 kn) 122,10  (920,00 kn)

Atlas Cables – Equator 2.0 Speaker Cable

12,21  (92,00 kn) 122,10  (920,00 kn)

Neterminirani Equator 2.0 nudi esencijalno neutralan zvuk, bez preizraženih visokih frekvencija, često prisutnih kod kablova u tom cjenovnom rangu.

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Equator is well suited as an upgrade for mid-level or older audio systems in need of a little ‘TLC.’
Atlas Equator 2.0 is a 2mm² cable using OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) conductors contained in a high-density PEF dielectric (insulation layer) that’s far more efficient than PVC or polyethylene. The superior dielectric offers both a better measured performance and an audible improvement in dynamics. The core assemblies are contained in a cotton yarn in order to reduce microphony and the outer sheath is in a pearl white finish. Our proprietary Z-plug is a low mass, self-cleaning, solder free construction speaker plug, available in two body styles; black ABS and non-magnetic aluminium alloy ‘Tin Cobalt’ finish. These cables are also available terminated with our cold-weld high quality OFC spades.

Tehničke informacije

Construction Multi-core

Material OFC

Dielectric PEF

Screen None

Capacitance 70.51 pF/m

Inductance 0.816 µH/m

Resistance 0.0094 Ohms/m

VOP 0.73

Outside Diameter 8.5mm

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